Illumination Technologies

Electro-optical Product Design

Our expertise is electro-optical product development. Many of the projects that we have successfully developed remain confidential and proprietary to our customers, in many cases forming a vital part of their ongoing intellectual property.  These projects include CCD/CMOS sensor calibration stations, non-invasive real-time blood glucose monitors, automated imaging of cell-based diagnostic assays, hyperspectral melanoma detectors, ultraviolet tissue polymerization systems, high magnification detection systems for flat panel repair classification, and a host of others. These projects allowed us to refine our product development expertise, our global manufacturing partnerships, and our international marketing relationships.  These relationships have helped us partner resources towards a number of new markets including the retail market. 


We have developed a number multi-wavelength LED illuminators which combine multiple beams into a single coaxial beam using high efficiency dichroic beamsplitters. These highly uniform, spectrally-mixed beams may then be optically couple into a variety of optical systems including through-the-lens objectives. We have a number of controller options including continuous current, light feedback, and FPGA strobe controller which can adjust current level and pulse width duration on the fly.


A compact version of a three channel LED illuminator based on the dichroic "hollow prism" approach. These pre-aligned OEM modules are "hot-swappable" in the field, allowing for simple changes by the end user without the need for complex alignment procedures typical of other competitive designs. This LED unit combines UV (for flourescense or curing) with other visible wavelengths for visual imaging and/or diagnostics. It incorporates our propreitary Light-Lock™ light feedback system on each LED for ultimate stability and precision of each channel.


Our ability to develop products from initial concept through serial production has attracted interest from a number of optoelectronic marketers in the retail market segments. The Syrcadian Blue™ product line was designed to provide a low cost alternative for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a condition that affects 80 million Americans and Europeans. This product combines injection molded optical and external components, automated PCB assembly, and is assembled in Asia for global markets.


Our unique product designs stem from the needs of our customers. In the case of high speed web printing, the need for a portable strobe that could be carried to various parts of the web was very helpful in the real-time determination of a variety of conditions including print registration, roller damage, and tension control. The resulting rechargeable LED product provides adjustable pulse width and frequency for a full 8 hours per charge.


Many of our industrial customers require stability, spectral purity and intensity control in harsh and/or outdoor environments. We have developed some of the most robust IP67 rated designs for applications in some of the toughest environments on the planet including mining, oil and gas, metals production, automated welding, and other difficult industrial environments.


Many of our retail customers know what they want, but are unable to visualize what the product might look like, or how it might work. Our design engineers develop in silico 3D models that can be life-like rendered, taken apart to show detail, and simulated optically to demonstrate intensity and uniformity performance - all before a single dollar is spent on tooling or prototypes. This particular rechargeable tooth whitening system provides professional dental whitening at a retail level consumer price point.