Illumination Technologies

Expertise & Core Competancy

Our expertise is opto-electrical product development. Over the last 20 years we have have acquired some of the best design tools, laboratory equipment, and have developed some of the best techniques in the industry.


All of our designs are developed within the SolidWorks three dimensional environment. This format allows us to collaborate with clients around the planet in real-time. And the cross platform file compatibiity (IGES and STEP) make it easy to interface with design teams using any of the other standard platforms including Pro/ENGINEER®, CATIA V5®, and AutoDesk Inventor®.


One of our key core competancies is the ability to design and optically simulate entire product designs before the first prototypes are built. By operating within the SolidWorks three dimensional environment, the OptisWorks optical modeling platform allows precise simulation and measument of total flux, radiance, irradiance, and uniformity at any plane within the system. This in silico approach provides better product design, lower development risks, and much shorter time to market.

R&D Labs

To ensure rapid success, the theoretical designs must be verified experimentally at each stage. Our laboratory has acquired/developed a comprehensive set of experimental tools for this qualification process.

Trained Staff

We have some of the industry's most experienced staff in the efficient execution of the process required to develop these types of products.

Refined Process

We have developed one of the most efficient and expert product development processes within the industry. This process has a proven record of success, delivering exceptional value to our customers.