Illumination Technologies

New Releases for 2012


The UBerLED™ fiberoptic lightsource family offers superb performance enhancments over all other lightsource technologies, and comes in hundereds of standard configurations.
Check the following link for the standard product sheet: UBerLED Lightsource (PDF, 58k)

White Paper

The new line of LED troffers for the commercial market were launched to great fanfare.
This white paper describes the market and the product offering: Troffer (PDF, 287k)


The newest member of our CF1000 product line, this unit provides 1000 precision automated steps that provides accurate 3-log irradiance control. The robust yet precision and repeatable iris wheel provides constant color temperate over the entire range of adjustment. A unique tool for sensor calibration, industrial automation, and R&D.
CF1000-IRIS(PDF, 28k)