Illumination Technologies

Effective 1 Jan 2009, Illumination technologies implemented a "No Printed Manuals" program to help minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact. Since its inception, Illumination Technologies has shipped Instruction Manuals consuming a total of more than 165,000 sheets of paper. This is the equivalent of two fully mature Douglas Fir trees, most all of which rapidly entered the waste stream. Please consider the environment before printing. Think Before Printing is a global campaign to reduce wasteful printing.

Instruction Manuals - Tungsten Halogen Lightsources
2900 Series

2900 Core Vision Unit
2900 Instruction Manual (PDF)

3900 Series

3900 SmartLite
3900 Instruction Manual (PDF)
3900-N12 (IP65) Instruction Manual

4900 Series

4900 AutoCAL
4900 Instruction Manual (PDF)

CF1000 Series

CF1000 C-Lector
CF1000 Instruction Manual
CF1000-IRIS Instruction Manual

CF2000 Series

CF2000 AutoCAL Filterwheel
CF2000 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manuals - LED Lightsources
UBerLED 50

UBerLED 50 LED Lightsource
UB50 Instruction Manual

UBerLED 100

UBerLED 100 LED Lightsource
UB100 Instruction Manual