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We are Professional Event Specialists

DJ RAW Entertainment Services is a Group of Professional Entertainers, who provide entertainment for Conferences, Festivals, Life Events and Weddings. Our speciality is Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions. 

Our Goal Motto is: 

We Help People Have Fun!

Why should you choose

DJ RAW Entertainment Services?


You should choose DJ RAW Entertainment Services because we are not your average “push button” entertainment providers.  As a husband and wife team, we understand the importance of everything flowing smoothly.  We assure you and your guest have an amazing experience by focusing on three key elements: Tempo, Timing, and Transitions.

Weddings have a ton of moving parts that should be executed exactly how they were invisioned during the planning stages.  Our team works together to assure that your plans are exceeded with excellence.

Timing has to be right from the March in through that Last Dance. If your time is off, it can cause your event to be a train wreck. The wrong song being played at the right time or the bouquet toss not being timed right.

Transition, when done right, controls the mood at your event. When the wedding party marches in, they usually come in a to a more upbeat tune, but when the Bride marches in, there is usually as slower tune. The Transition must be smooth to avoid dead silence.
Tempo helps your event be upbeat, mellow, etc. For example, most weddings have a upbeat tempo when the reception has started and a slower or smoother tempo when it’s time to cut the cake or making a toast.